The other day I Maude & I talked a little over email and she said that she saw a difference in the plants, so a few days ago I stopped by Maude’s Market to see what was happening for myself.

I was very happy to see positive results in just 23 days.  While the onions haven’t yet sprouted, the potatoes were doing very well.  As you can see in the following photographs, potato growth on the experimental side of the plot was much ‘fuller’ than her larger control plot.  I was curious how she planted the potatoes… She didn’t cut-up a few eyes for each site; instead,  since she had lots of old potatoes on hand, she ended up placing whole potatoes in at each plant-site.

Side-by-side comparison of electrically stimulated plants (on left) after 23 days

After 23 days, the plants on the left of the solar cell are much thicker compared to the plants on the right.

Looking at the plants, the experimental group seems to have more shoots coming out of the ground, larger leaves and more stems coming out of the ground.

In the chapter entitled “Electrochemical Potential Around the Plant Root in Relation to Metabolism and Growth Acceleration” in Plant Electrophysiology, some experiments were shown to increase the growth and branching of lateral roots when the root system was under the influence of an electric field.  This seems to be related to the effect that was seen due to the increased number of stalks coming out of the ground.  It can also be seen that the leaves are larger, which is a very common effect.

Later on, at the time of harvest, I’m interested in performing a post-mortem study to see how the plant’s root system, etc were affected.  I’m also interested in seeing how the yields and tuber sizes compare with each other.

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