We Won The Sustainability Land Lab Competition!

If you haven’t read the previous post about the joint Washington University / City of St. Louis Sustainable Land Lab Competition, check out the previous post, here.  Here’s the update… We, the Sunflower+ Team, was one of the final winners in the competition along with 4 other teams!

Now that we have won the competition, we will officially receive a 2-year lease to the plot of land in Old North.  The plan is to follow the posterboards that were submitted as part of the competition.  The first submission gives a description of the project.


The next posterboard shows a more detailed plan which includes contributions from Electric Fertilizer joining the team:


If you’re interested in seeing the details for the other teams listed in the competition, go to the site’s submissions page.
As you can see in the poster, the Electric Fertilizer team will be actively involved in the project, using the techniques of electro-horticulture to accelerate plant growth.  As you can see, the project coordinators generously gave us half of the entire area to perform our experiments.  Our goals as part of this experiment include:

  • To test our methods at a scale large enough to take the theory and experiments beyond the lab-scale (small-scale) growing environment.
  • To verify that sunflowers are positively influenced by DC-fields in soil by means of accelerated growth and greater amounts of biomass compared to the control.To verify at the end of the growing seasons that the electrified portions of the plot have subsequently removed greater amounts of lead from the ground than the non-electrified (control) portion.
  • The way that we’re planning on tracking this data is by visual inspection via a web-cam, and by soil testing that’s to be performed both in the beginning and the end of each phase.

Stay tuned for more information and updates about the project as we make progress.

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