Here’s an update to the Electric Fertilizer portion of the Sunflower+ Project.

A few weeks ago we showed up early on the day of the Awards Ceremony to begin installing the system’s electrodes.

It was harder than we originally thought… The ground was dry and hard in many spots and it required some perseverance for us to figure out how to best install the electrodes and the lead wires.  After about 5-6 hours of work, everything was installed.



About mid-way through the installation, I stopped to attend the award ceremony… Here’s the rest of the team with the Mayor Slay of St. Louis and the other Land Lab officials.


And a photo-op with some token sunflowers…



A couple of weeks later, I went out to install a makeshift power supply while Ric and I take time to work on the more sophisticated power and monitoring circuit.

In the next installment, we’ll give you a status update as to how the plants are progressing.


Till the next time…

– David