About us


Our purpose

The purpose of Electric Fertilizer is to educate and enable growers of all kinds to use electricity for its amazing ways of  increasing the speed, yield, and disease resistance of plants. By applying these ideas and methods to your own grow operations, you can take part in expanding upon the knowledge base of electroculture while reaping the rewards as well!  In the end, you may be able to enjoy more produce and greater profits, along with a sense of wonder that the world has much more to offer than meets the eye.

Our Goals

Community-Based Research & Discovery

It is our desire to inspire others to start learning about and experimenting with the basic methods of electroculture.  As knowledge is gained and shared, we aim to offer additional assistance by collating this knowledge and sharing best practices to maximize results while avoiding the pitfalls.

Our Vision of Electroculture

If we could start growing with electricity, then with boosted yields and minimized time to harvest, more food can be grown in any amount of space – the benefits are far and wide:  from helping commercial growers reap greater profits, to helping urban communities with providing  relief from food deserts, to disaster relief and beyond.

Helping All of Humanity

By growing our own food in plant or animal form, we not only feed ourselves safe & nutritious food, but we can all have the abundance that we can share with others.  Some say that they don’t have enough room to grow anything – but I disagree… while literally tons of food could be grown within a quarter acre of land, significant amounts of it can potentially be grown by people living in smaller spaces.

And for those with more space, but less productive land.  Electroculture can help there as well by helping to increase soil fertility, improving food quality, and reducing toxic runoff through the use of significantly lower amounts of fertilizer.

Latest news…

We’re finishing up development of our first commercial product, HarvestStorm One.  Stay tuned for details!

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