Experiment Summary: Sunflowers, Tomatoes, Melons, Coffee, Radish, Cucumbers, Kale.

This growing season, I’ve been working towards increasing the number of electroculture experiments in my yard and in my basement. While it seems that I have somewhat achieved this, my goal is to eventually have a small warehouse where I can have lots of proper experiments going on simultaneously under near identical conditions. In the meantime, I made due with what I have and what I have time to put together. In this post I’d like to share most of the projects that I’m working on, and perhaps you’ll find inspiration to give electroculture a try as well, seeing how simple, it can be to try it out in many cases.

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The Sunflower+ Project: Season 1 Postmortem

Since winter seems to be nearing its end here in St. Louis – after what seemed to be a longer one than usual with lower lows and more snow than I can ever remember getting over here, it felt good to make it back over to Warren Street to check out the project site.  A few weeks ago there was a team of people who hung up a bunch of decorative flags on strings.  While I found out about the event too late to attend, it looks great!

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Backyard Garden Electroculture Creates Large Broccoli, Tomato & Eggplants

This post is way overdue… (updated to include the original email):

Here’s an email I received last September from a friend of mine who was interested in trying out electroculture:


“This summer I planted a vegetable garden in my front yard. I planted tomatoes, eggplant, broccoli, peppers, and chard. I wanted to to try David Wechsler’s “electric fertilizer” concept, so I constructed a crude magnetic field generator: an old Samsung phone charger with a 5v, 550 ma output, connected by lamp cord to two three-inch nails, one connected to each wire of the charger. I buried the nails, upright, some distance apart, just below the ground in the center of the garden, and plugged the charger into an outside 110v plug. The garden is about 25 feet by 14 feet. The long axis is east to west. The nails were positioned on the east and west sides.

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Electro-Permaculture: Experiment Ideas Part 1

September was a very exciting month for me as I was invited to give a presentation for the St. Louis innovation think-tank, Openly Disruptive. The meeting was on the topic of food & sustainability and I ended up speaking on 3 ideas where electro-horticulture would be of benefit to urban agriculture. It was a great event and I’ll share more about it once the video is posted online. The only thing that I would like to mention is that the speaker before me spoke a great deal about food forests and permaculture – which re-sparked some thoughts I had regarding how electricity could be used in those settings.

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