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  • Darren

    Could this be applied in Deep water culture and if so what would you think would be the right amount?

    • electricfertilizer

      I believe so… Since it’s going to be extremely conductive, I would suggest going with a low voltage, e.g. 1 to 3 volts or so, and furthermore add in some current-limiting resistors between the power supply and the electrodes. Just guessing here, perhaps 50-100 k Ohms(??).

      Let me know if you decide to try it out – Would love to hear how it works out for you. What are you growing?

    • electricfertilizer

      I am sure it would work. I would suggest starting off with a low voltage through some limiting resistor. You want to limit the current to about 1mA.

  • Ronald Christenson

    what do you think about vertical voltage gradients as compared to lateral?

    • electricfertilizer

      Hey Ronald,

      I am only familiar with horizontal configurations, but I think it would be worth experimenting with to see what happens. I think it could be beneficial, but I would need to test it to be sure. What do you think?

  • Ronald Christenson

    I will be digging two test holes. One with a middle insulating layer of stones and one without stones. I will place one stainless steel wire electrode at the bottom of the hole and one near the top of the refilled holes. The bottom wire will have an insulator on the vertical portion reaching to the surface. I will document the voltage and polarity of each hole and post the results after several months after the system settles. Previous tests showed a potential voltage of about.2 volts with the stone layer. I believe that a vertical voltage gradient will apply a small voltage along the length of the roots that pass through the stone layer and that is is what benefits the plans. Trees and tomato plants have been planted with this system for a number of years by people that I know with amazing results. I will be using the wire electrodes for testing purposes only but the stone layer system requires no electrodes or outside power system and performs the battery function naturally. I hope this will be of interest and I will be interested in your comments.

  • electricfertilizer

    Hey Ronald… Thanks for sharing the details… So it seems to me that the system you’re describing is redistributing naturally-occurring charges in the soil between the top and the bottom layers. I don’t completely understand the physics of it except that I know that there could be slight differences in charge, that probably also vary over time, and the shunting of excess charge up or down probably creates some interesting stimuli onto the root cells.

    Is it possible to share some stories or results that have been achieved with those people you know? I am very interested in learning more.