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To help you on your journey into the world of electro-horticulture, biostimulation, and the improvement of other environmental applications, please consider purchasing our book, available on Leanpub.com.

Learn about nature’s secrets for increasing yields, accelerating growth, and protecting against droughts and other calamities. Buy now to learn the history and science behind electroculture, uses & novel applications, and more!

Included Inside

The following is what you can expect to find inside our book

History of Electroculture

In this book you will start by learning about the history of accelerating plant growth and electroculture by studying the early experimenters who used “Earth Battery” technology to increase their yields from approximately 30% to 100% or more…

Science of Electroculture

We will cover the effects that electricity has on soils, microbes, and plants themselves. We will cover a comprehensive listing of the benefits of electro-horticulture, and application ideas ranging from season extension to drought protection.


The book will also include instructions on how to build a system yourself, and ideas for how you can apply this technology to your own garden or farm.