We Won The Sustainability Land Lab Competition!

If you haven’t read the previous post about the joint Washington University / City of St. Louis Sustainable Land Lab Competition, check out the previous post, here.  Here’s the update… We, the Sunflower+ Team, was one of the final winners in the competition along with 4 other teams!

Now that we have won the competition, we will officially receive a 2-year lease to the plot of land in Old North.  The plan is to follow the posterboards that were submitted as part of the competition.  The first submission gives a description of the project.


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A Tribute to the Great Shift of 2012 and Beyond: Improving Agriculture Using Consciousness & Intent

To honor the passing of the 12/21/12 marker as set by the Mayans and others, e.g. the Hopi, I Ching, etc., I’m writing this post to briefly highlight some of the amazing potentials that are possible with the shift in consciousness that we’re in the middle of.

Now I realize that this may all seem like “New Age” fluff, but in my mind there has definitely been a shift going on for the past few decades.  For instance, it’s pretty amazing to me that war and violence which used to be a common occurrence worldwide is now largely looked down upon.  The same goes for pollution.  In fact, the fact that there is a groundswell in the movement towards sustainability in general, where the Earth itself is considered a stakeholder in people’s minds is really amazing – even though some may just view the earth as a hunk of dirt on which we live; as something to be taken advantage of.

So it is in this post that I’d like to briefly mention a few areas that may seem esoteric in their approach, but have some empirical evidence behind them in their efficacy.

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News and Happenings

Hello readers!  Ever since I launched this site I’ve been using as a place to host some articles I’ve written – articles that allow me to show off my interest and love electro-horticulture and the amazing potentials that it holds for the future of gardening and farming.

Today I want to do something a little different… I’m going to be a little more personal and let you know what’s going on. Here are some of the things that have been happening:

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