Selected Electroculture Research

The science of electro-horticulture is over 200 years old and while there should be tons of research articles available, there aren’t.  As a whole, there are many papers covering the various aspects of electroculture from seed treatments to plant electrophysiology.  In any case, as a convenience to you, below are some selected scientific research studies that may be of interest…

Formal Electroculture Experiments

Influence of electric field on plant weight“, Published in Electrical Insulation and Dielectric Phenomena, 2009. CEIDP ’09. IEEE Conference on

“Effects of Electrical and Electromagnetic Fields on Plants and Related Topics”, Andrew Goldsworthy, Book Chapter (Google Books link)

Electrical stimulation and its effects on growth and ion accumulation in tomato plants“, Canadian Journal of Botany

Influence of pulsed electric field on growths of soil bacteria and pepper plant, Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering

Electrostimulation in Cell Biology by Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields, Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine

More will be added soon…


Informal Experiments

To see more experiments, albeit “Informal” ones, be sure to check out our Experiments summary page.  Furthermore, you may be interested in viewing our post on “Electroculture Research in Pictures” or our flickr page.