General Questions


Would electroculture be considered organic?

Yes! Electroculture mimics naturally-occurring crop stimulation effects like those from passing thunderstorms and telluric earth currents.  Nothing artificial is added to the soil that isn’t added in by Mother Nature herself.

Is electroculture safe?  I don’t want to grow any Frankenstein-like fruits & vegetables!

Electroculture is completely safe.  The HarvestStorm system is designed to stimulate plant growth and soil microbial activities through the use of very low voltages and currents.  The amount of current going to each plant in your greenhouse is extremely low, large enough to power an electronic watch or perhaps a single LED light and nothing more.

With regards to the plants and their fruits & vegetables – they LOVE electroculture for the following reasons:

  • It stimulates microbial soil activities, creating healthier soil while encouraging the growth of healthy aerobic microbes.  These microbes are known to be in symbiotic relationships with the plants that grow around them, e.g. helping with converting nitrogen to forms they can use and providing natural immune support – like in the formation of natural antibiotics for the plant, etc.
  • It puts the plant’s metabolism into high gear… one effect is that it increases the plants’ water and mineral uptake rate.  This means that plants grown via this method are highly nutrient-dense, providing greater nutrition to those who consume their fruits, vegetables, and other outputs.
  • It increases growth rate, and yield of the plant.  By a number of measures, plants grown with electroculture experience a number of beneficial effects including increases in root mass, growth rate and wet & dry weight.
  • Other beneficial attributes that occur include: increased number budding sites, larger leaf area, darker leaf pigmentation, thicker stems, greater resistance to a wide array of pathogens including insects, molds, rusts, bacteria, viral infections, and more!

What are the disadvantages of electroculture?

There are a few:  

  1. Over the course of time, in mostly outdoor settings, results haven’t been necessarily consistent.  By focusing on the use of electroculture in controlled environments, we expect to achieved desired results with consistency during every grow cycle.
  2. The type of electrical stimulation that positively effects one plant, may not be the same on another plant.  It is for this reason that the HarvestStorm system is designed to help growers with experimenting with different means of stimulation.  When the best method is determined, it can be deployed at to your entire crop with ease.
  3. A side-effect of the use of this form of electroculture is electrode degradation.  Over time, based on the stimulation characteristics, soil type, and other variables, they will deteriorate over time and will need to occasionally be replaced.


HarvestStorm System Questions


Is the system easy to use?

Yes… we take the difficulty out of creating and operating a large-scale electro-stimulation system.  With our web-based control panel, you’ll be able to easily select which sets of plants you want to stimulate, and with which operating parameters.  Future plans include various means of further optimizing crop growth as well as a the support of wide-array of 3rd party integrations.

How does the system help me optimize crop growth?

By applying our custom-design treatment protocols to your crops, the benefits above can be realized.  The HarvestStorm system is designed to make it easy to stimulate each of your plants in a number of ways.  With a growing number of stimulation options, we aim to help growers with discovering the perfect set of stimulation protocols that will drastically improve yields and other factors.