Nature & Electricity – Part 1: Thunderstorms, Nature’s Crop-Boosting Technology

Note: This article is part 1 of a chapter excerpt from our book on Electro-Horticulture. Enjoy…

The fabric of all things in physical form on this planet is based on elemental atomic structure. Biological entities are composed of interconnected cellular structures forming tissues, organs and biochemical networks. At the core are atomic elements, each of which is associated with some level of electrical charge. These charges are the basis for the forces of electrochemical attraction and repulsion that occur within the cellular structures within all living things.

The interactions between these components are vast, making use of many forms of information and electro-biological mechanisms including electrochemistry, biophysics, genetics and perhaps other forms of study that are beyond our current understanding, such as the studies of subtle energies, bioenergetics and quantum physics, which are still in their infancy.

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