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The Sunflower+ Project StL is a project aiming to use the growth of sunflowers as a “living laboratory” with the ultimate goal of turning vacant land into an asset for the St. Louis urban community.  We expect to provide the following to the community:

  • Land Beautification
  • Environmental Cleanup
  • Business Opportunities
  • Community Engagement

Electric Fertilizer  joined the team for the purpose of testing out an experimental form of agriculture known as electroculture on the plot.  Electroculture, a technology in use since the mid 1700’s, has been known for its ability to accelerate the growth rate of plants, increase yield and biomass, and improve flavor, among other benefits.

In partnership with our sister-company, Bio-Electric Growth Systems, we are developing a range of electroculture systems that can be deployed into a variety of settings.  From brownfield sites like this one, to consumer-grade products that can be used in the back-yard or urban garden and beyond.  Consider joining our email newsletter (top-right opt-in box) for more information as it comes available.

In the meantime, more can be read about the project via the following posts:

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Furthermore, to get a basic idea of the science behind electro-horticulture, check out the following:

A Brief Introduction to the Science of Electroculture

And lastly, to learn a little about the basics of phytoremediation (the act of using plants for toxic waste cleanup), check out:

A Citizens’ Guide To Phytoremediation

If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to contact me via the contact form.

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