Welcome to the site dedicated to resurrecting the centuries-old art of growing plants with electricity.What is ElectricFertilizer™?ElectricFertilizer™ is all about the study of the ancient art of electroculture which accelerates and improves the growth of plants and other ecological systems using electrical or magnetic field-based technologies. In addition, we're also exploring the use of other forms of energy on plant growth stimulation, including subtle energies, mechanical stimulation, sound waves, and more!In this site I will be sharing my knowledge and experience with you. As you learn more about electroculture and start experimenting on your own, I hope that you’ll come here to share your knowledge and experiences so we all can derive benefit.Welcome again and explore this site to learn about the ever-expanding world of electroculture and energetic agriculture in general!

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** Our Purpose **
The purpose of Electric Fertilizer is to educate and enable growers of all kinds to use electricity for its amazing ways of increasing the speed, yield, and disease resistance of plants. By applying these ideas and methods to your own grow operations, you can take part in expanding upon the knowledge base of electroculture while reaping the rewards as well! In the end, you may be able to enjoy more produce and greater profits, along with a sense of wonder that the world has much more to offer than meets the eye.


Community-Based Research & Discovery: It is our desire to inspire others to start learning about and experimenting with the basic methods of electroculture. As knowledge is gained and shared, we aim to offer additional assistance by collating this knowledge and sharing best practices to maximize results while avoiding the pitfalls.

Our Vision of Electroculture: If we could start growing with electricity, then with boosted yields and minimized time to harvest, then more food can be organically grown in any amount of space. The benefits to society are far and wide - ranging from helping urban communities with providing relief from food deserts, to helping with disaster relief and beyond, and of course to helping commercial growers reap greater profits as well.

Helping All of Humanity: By growing our own food in plant or animal form, we not only feed ourselves safe & nutritious food, but we can all have the abundance that we can share with others. Some say that they don’t have enough room to grow anything – but I disagree as literally tons of food could be grown within a quarter acre of land.Electroculture is a technology that can help everyone from smallholders to large scale industrial growers. Beyong the obvious uses of improving crop performance, it can help with improving soil fertility, improving food quality, reducing toxic runoff through the use of significantly lower amounts of fertilizer, and more!

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To help you on your journey into the world of electro-horticulture and to get a head-start into the latest organic high-tech ways to improve your crop output, purchase our book today!

Learn about nature’s secrets for increasing yields, accelerating growth, and protecting against droughts and other calamities. Buy now to learn the history and science behind electroculture, uses & novel applications, and more!

Selected Testimonials

"Just bought it. I'm impressed by the detail you've compiled together in your ebook. IT IS WORTHY OF PRAISE. Not an easy feat gathering so much detail from obscure sources". I am really impressed by your ability to articulate complex concepts with just the right amount of jargon. It also reads very well linearly. Piece by piece. Well done. -Ray-Lee B, 1/1/2022"Been reading your book. Enjoying it throughly." - Justin N, 12/10/2018"Excellent book because there are zero books out there with this information. But the author did not make it a paper book. and you cant seem to print it out. bumber. Hopefully he puts this into print and contacts me for a free copy. LOL Thank you though. Excellent" - Lisa H., 2/11/2017"I'm reading an amazing book that explains how atmospheric electricity affects all life on earth and how it can benefit life if we utilize it. < links removed>
If you think this is a bunch of hooobily jubillee read up on the Faraday cage. There is solid proof to back it up." - Mouse1818 on rollitup.org, 7/15/2015
"This is not only a well-researched, well-written book, but it has something for everyone. It has soil chemistry and electrical physics for the scientifically minded, plant physiology for the biologist, and electro-horticulture history for the history buff. If you just want the facts, there are step-by-step instructions on how to construct and best utilize this really cool idea.
While this agricultural technology has been around for a long time, David Wechsler should be commended on bringing it to the forefront. The potential benefits that he outlines in this book could have dramatic worldwide implications. All in all, this is a fantastic book that is a must read for the commercial farmer and home gardener alike." - JC, 4/30/2015
"Anyone who watches their garden grow has probably noticed and increase in the perkiness and vigor of their plants after an electric storm. In Electro-Horticulture David Wechsler gives us a better understanding of this phenomena. We are apprised of the science and history of Electro-Horticulture. Wechsler's enthusiasm is contagious. After reading I feel eager and fully enabled apply the principles of Electro-Horticulture to my seedlings using an old cell phone charger and iron nails. More exciting though is the ways Electro-horticulture can potentially be applied by bigger minds to larger scale sustainable agriculture. A very recommended read for all." - Katharine, 3/5/2015

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Just Released!

My second book on the topic of electro-permaculture will guide you in how to make the transition to improving the output of your garden or farm using passive electromagnetic techniques.While our first book above establishes the baseline knowledge and science for everything electroculture, this book shows you how to build your own low-cost devices that can magnify your crop's output, enhance it's nutrient density & health, and make your crops resilient against pests or disease.

Also Available at Amazon.com


There are many things that I love about this crazy, experimental world of electroculture and beyond... I love that it's based on ancient technology, I love that it's science based - there's math and engineering design involved too. From the mechanics we can affect in the realm of plant electrophysiology, to the devices we create using circuits and antennas and more - there is a ton to learn and play with. Beyond that, there's even an art side to it too in that many of the creations of those in the community are based on themes of sculpture design, sacred geometry, symmetry, form, and aesthetics.Stay tuned as I'll soon be releasing materials on this topic that will show you how our crazy world of electroculture relates to the hard sciences and even some cool art too!


Visit us at our HarvestStorm StoreFor those new to electroculture, eager to experience a taste of what's possible, send us a message via the contact form for getting early access to our latest systems under development.

Making plants grow faster using electricity???  Is this for real?Here's a quick video overview....In the meantime, below is a list of some of the main effects that can be observed in plants after they've been stimulated with electricity:
- Increased soil fertility
- Increased growth rate
- Yield increases from 20 to 400%
- Larger sized fruits and vegetables
- Protection against various diseases
- And more!
Check out this concept map for a more detailed (yet incomplete) view of the many effects of electricity on plant-life!

My VisionBefore I finish, I would like to take a moment to share my thoughts what’s possible using electroculture and other effective yet unconventional forms of gardening.The world we live in is great flux – With all of the major climate changes going on like early frosts, or erratic weather patterns, it will become increasingly important to not only have our main food providers adapt to these changes, but it will likely become more important for us as everyday people to start growing our own food. Electroculture and Energetic Agriculture in a general sense are approaches that can drastically help!Thanks again for visiting! To learn more, explore our website some more or join our mailing list!


General QuestionsWould electroculture be considered organic?
Yes! Electroculture mimics naturally-occurring crop stimulation effects like those from passing thunderstorms and naturally-occurring earth currents. Nothing artificial is added to the soil that isn’t added in by Mother Nature herself.
Is electroculture safe? I don’t want to grow any Frankenstein-like fruits & vegetables!Electroculture is completely safe. When we stimulate plant growth and soil microbial activities using electricity, we use very small amounts of electrical current. The amount of current going to each plant in your greenhouse is extremely low, large enough to power an electronic watch or perhaps a single LED light and nothing more.
With regards to the plants and their fruits & vegetables – they LOVE electroculture for the following reasons:
• It stimulates microbial soil activities, creating healthier soil while encouraging the growth of healthy aerobic microbes. These microbes are known to be in symbiotic relationships with the plants that grow around them, e.g. helping with converting nitrogen to forms they can use and providing natural immune support – like in the formation of natural antibiotics for the plant, etc.
• It puts the plant’s metabolism into high gear… one effect is that it increases the plants’ water and mineral uptake rate. This means that plants grown via this method are highly nutrient-dense, providing greater nutrition to those who consume their fruits, vegetables, and other outputs.
• It increases growth rate, and yield of the plant. By a number of measures, plants grown with electroculture experience a number of beneficial effects including increases in root mass, growth rate and wet & dry weight.
• Other beneficial attributes that occur include: increased number budding sites, larger leaf area, darker leaf pigmentation, thicker stems, greater resistance to a wide array of pathogens including insects, molds, rusts, bacteria, viral infections, and more!
Help! It didn't do anything to my plants?
If this is the case for you, consider testing on a different type of plant or changing the stimulation approach or protocol. It's a well-known fact that plant varieties respond differently to different forms of stimulation, so it's imperative to adopt an experimental mindset and try to make the exploration and discovery phase fun! Try a number of approaches and see what delivers the best results!

About the Founder

David Wechsler, Founder of ElectricFertilizer.comWith a background in electrical engineering (MSEE) & systems thinking, David has combined many of his interests from the fields of engineering, permaculture, energy medicine, and more into the development of Electric Fertilizer. While he come across the technology of electroculture while in high-school, it was about 20 years later when he resurrected his interest in the subject after getting involved with setting up a permaculture garden at his homestead.After a simple experiment to give it a try "blew his mind"... he dove in deep to investigate the secrets of plant electrification. A few years' later, he published his book on Amazon and on other sites. He's now looking to expand his reach by promoting the technology more and developing products to facilitate adoption across a wide array of users.

News, Media & Events

Here I'd like to share the various places we've been showcased or where we appeared in public.


8/27/2022 - Podcast Launch! Come check us out! I'm going to be talking about everything related to energetic agriculture in the broadest sense - electroculture, magnetoculture, and beyond!

Presenter at MoCannBizCon 2020: Main Presentation + Demo Stage

Radio Interview in 2015 for St. Louis KMOX

Disruptive Diner Think-Tank Talk in 2014 link

The Sunflower+ Project STL 2013: Lead Phytoremediation

Energetic Agriculture Research

At ElectricFertilizer, we tend to take a hard-science first approach to the exploration of energetic based crop enhancement technologies. At the same time though, we are open minded to other forms of stimulation energies that may be beyond our current capabilities of scientific measurement. Take a look at the following curated papers and links to learn more about the scientific reach into electroculture, magnetoculture, and beyond!

Hard Sciences

Electrical stimulation for the growth of plants: With special attention to the effects of nearby lightning on mushrooms - Growers of mushrooms have noticed that they tend to grow way more prolifically after a nearby lightning strike. This is one of many papers I've seen that studies the effect of high voltage stimulation of mushrooms.
The Secret of Life by Georges Lakhovsky - Fundamental electroculture book on the origin and use of electromagnetic fields to improve plant growth.

Esoteric Sciences

Here's a link to a great how-to article about pyramid energy that shows positive results & some neat experiments on plants and liquids!

Interactions of Pyramidal Structures with Energy & Consciousness - Excellent paper by renowned energy researcher Beverly Rubik.... Talks about the effects of pyramid energies on plants and other substances. In the above graph you can see weight gains are possible of 20% to 30%.

Related Topics

Some Electroculture History... The Electroculture Committee of the 1930s

Welcome to the Electro-Horticulture Book's Resources Page!

More info coming soon...

Consulting & In-Person Classes

Looking for a turn-key electroculture system for your garden or farm?I also offer in-person workshops if you want to learn from me directly.

You may not know it, but to find success with electroculture on your garden, farm, or winery - you may need to go beyond the simplistic approaches that are popular online. We offer scientifically based approaches that can leverage different forms of energetic agriculture that can help with meeting your needs, whatever your growing environment. We can assist with:
- Demonstration sites
- Specialty crops
- Commercial operations
- Hydroponics & aquaponics
- And more!
For consulting projects, we have teams based in
- USA: St. Louis, Missouri
- EU: Italy
Reach out to us on our contact page if you're interested in on-premises based educational, consulting, or turnkey system design.

Electric Fertilizer Artworks...


Read our articles on Medium!Thunderstorms: Nature’s Crop-Enhancement TechnologyAn Introduction to the Science of ElectrocultureOr check out on-premises blog site!

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